Oscilator is mainly publishing works of producers and dj`s from Sarajevo and works of producers whose music we like and play a lot in our radio show. We have published our first release in October of 2003 and you are more than then welcome to download our releases for free from this page or from archive.org. Our releases are licensed under a Creative Commons License. Some releases, mostly mixes, are not available anymore.

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Artist(s): Riparaparap
Release: Vernakular Editor
Runing Time: 43:12
Format: 320 kbps cbr mp3
Music: Electronica, House, Techno
Download: Direct, at Soundcloud
FreeOsc68; December; 2012

Here we got another release by Ensar Zgodic, but this time under the name Riparaparap. He also works under the names Greg Punkov, Iumatico and Yurockolonia. His latest effort is single Vernakular Editor, emotional dancfloor track that will keep you moving. Release also features five great remixes by other Oscilator producers, ranging from detroit to ambiental versions of the original track. We hope that you will enjoy this one!


Artist(s): Yurockolonia
Release: Retroslavlje 2
Runing Time: 13:28
Format: 320 kbps cbr mp3
Music: Electronica
Download: Direct, at Soundcloud
FreeOsc67; November; 2012

Here is the new release by one of the oldest Oscilator artists Ensar Zgodic, also known as Greg Punkov, Riparaparap, Iumatico and Yurockolonia. This is the second part of the Retroslavlje edition, first one was published eight years ago, and this one also celebrates sound that we could enjoy as kids in the eighties during the various shows on Yugoslavian Radio and Television JRT. For the first part check out our releases from 2004.


Artist(s): Jo Bisso / Funky White Hustler
Release: Your Love (FWH Dirty Vinyl Edit)
Runing Time: 09:57
Format: 320 kbps cbr mp3
Music: House
Download: Direct, at Soundcloud
FreeOsc66; December; 2011

For the end of the year we have a great edit of the seventies disco gem Your Love by Jo Bisso, originaly published in 1977 on the EP "Love Somebody". Our good friend Funky White Hustler a.k.a. Enggenier produced this sophisticated edit, that will certainly find it's place on the dancefloor. You can hear original song here and download edit from here or from our Soundcloud page. Rights are reserved by their respected owners.


Artist(s): Various
Release: Novo Sarajevo Vol. 2
Runing Time: 58:59
Format: 320 kbps cbr mp3
Music: Techno, House, Disco, Electronica
Download: Complete Release, Listen and Download at SoundCloud
FreeOsc65; July; 2011

This compilation features old peers like Mezonom, Poligraf, Brothers For Real, Funky White Hustler (Enggenier), Borgie, Low & Slow, Yurockolinia, Jamal Bin Audio and new project Miskupa (Elle.M and D Liner). As always on our label, sound varies from disco, house and techno to experimental electronica. Enjoy this release, and consider it as introduction for new music coming out on Oscilator in the future.


Artist(s): AlbumDirekt
Release: Porno Inspired (Missing file rework)
Runing Time: 10:28
Format: 320 kbps cbr mp3
Music: Nu Disco, Dub
Download: Complete Release
FreeOsc64; January; 2010

AlbumDirekt a.k.a. Greg Punkov and Monodread joined their forces again and brought us this emotional sounding, porno inspired, two tracker. Release features two versions of the track, Greg Punkov's Cry of Joy Theme and Monodread version, but the trick is that the original track was never released, and we presume that original actually does not exist at all. Anyway, who cares, enjoy this beautifull piece of music that luckily goes far beyond your standard DJ tools. You can also check out Porno Inspired on YouTube.


Artist(s): Enggenier
Release: Chardonnay
Runing Time: 24:55
Format: 320 kbps cbr mp3
Music: House
Download: Complete Release, at Archive.org
FreeOsc63; January; 2010

Yes we know it is 2010, and we do think about you, so our first release for this year, Chardonnay ep by Enggenier, is here available as free download. Emir Selimovic a.k.a. Enggenier already had his debut on Oscilator with Traumline EP in 2007, and now he is back with three sofisticated and mature deep/tech-house tracks that will surely stand out in any set. So, check out track I Need Ya Luvin oy YouTube, download the release, and house yourself.


Artist(s): Greg Punkov
Release: Lofiteque Eclipse
Runing Time: 01:01:29
Format: 320 kbps cbr mp3
Music: Electro
Download: Complete Release
FreeOsc62; April; 2009

We have something special for you in April, a different way to start a spring! One of the Oscilator founders, Ensar Zgodic a.k.a. Greg Punkov is back with his dark but still optimistic sound. Lofiteque Eclipse is the first solo artist album on oscilator.net ever, and it features unreleased singles by Greg Punkov, produced in the last few years, and played numerous times on our partys. Now this beautiful, melodic electro stuff is available for free download, so don`t miss it!


Artist(s): Jamal Bin Audio
Release: Silent Disorder/Evil Joy
Runing Time: 07:17
Format: 320 kbps cbr mp3
Music: Electronica, Experimental
Download: Complete release, at Archive.org
FreeOsc61; November; 2008

Our old mate Jed Whitaker also known as Unicomplex is back, but this time reborn as Jamal Bin Audio. These two tracks, just seven minutes long, sound minimal, raw and emotional at the same time, which is a rare thing. We believe that these are some of the best pieces produced by Jed/Jamal, so check them out! This is a joint release with our friends from label Zvukovina, and is also available on CDR.


Artist(s): Various Artists
Release: Elite Trikotage 3
Runing Time: 01:39:34
Format: 320 kbps cbr mp3
Music: Electro, Minimal, Techno, House
Download: Part1-Polyacril, Part2-Viscose, Cover Art
FreeOsc60; October; 2008
Five years have passed since the first Oscilator release. And we are celebrating our anniversary with the double compilation Elite Trikotage 3! First part "Polyacril" is filled with more old skool electro sounds, while "Viscose" is packed with more modern sounding, mostly minimal techno and house tracks. All together you will find 15 tracks from our own producers like Greg Punkov, Mezonom, Borgie, Kondenzator, D Liner, and tunes by our good friends and established artists (from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia) like MKDSL, DJ Xed, Zvukbroda, Zarkoff and more... Listen to some tracks on our MySpace page. Thank you for your support! Cheers!


Artist(s): Zlijay
Release: Robot Scum
Runing Time: 19:02
Format: vbr mp3
Music: Electro, Break
Download: Complete Release
FreeOsc59; March; 2008

Here is a new release on Oscilator by our good friend and electro-break meister Zlatko DurakoviŠ a.k.a Zlijay. Robot Scum features two tracks, Space Pinball and epic sized Robot Scum. Booth tracks develop slowly in old skool manner, and they are full of beautiful beats, melodies, and analogue bleeps. It seems that with Zlijay in the studio or at the decks we do not have to worry about anything:-) Our next release is number 60, so keep your eyes opened!


Artist(s): DJ Xed
Release: Automatik
Runing Time: 22:19
Format: 320 kbps mp3
Music: Electro
Download: Complete Release
FreeOsc58; January; 2008

Our second release for 2008 is coming from Xed, our friend and great DJ from Croatian Crobot Crew. He delivered four stylish old skool electro tracks, and we are sure that you will like his classic sound, in tradition of Aux 88, Blotnik Brothers, Dopplereffekt... During the last year we have witnessed his live set created solely from his own tunes, and he rocked believe us! So, check out Automatik and enjoy, and check out his myspace for more info about his music.


Artist(s): Splendex
Release: Mind Reader
Runing Time: 20:25
Format: 192 kbps mp3
Music: Electro, Minimal Techno
Download: Complete Release
FreeOsc57; January; 2008

Ok, after a few months' break we are back, and we come strong! Our first release for this year is coming from our own Borgie a.k.a Splendex. He produced for us three uncompromising and dark minimal techno tunes that will surely work on any floor where Splendex or somebody else drops them! During this year you can expect more releases from Splendex on Oscilator and on other labels, so watch out!


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