Terminal is series of events promoting contemporary electronic music culture, hosted by Oscilator. This year it will happen in Sarajevo on 28 and 29 september and 05 and 06 October 2012, featuring artists from Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina... Check the photos from 2011 edition here.

Here we got another release by Ensar Zgodic, but this time under the name Riparaparap. He also works under the names Greg Punkov, Iumatico and Yurockolonia. His latest effort is single Vernakular Editor, emotional dancfloor track that will keep you moving. Release also features five great remixes by... Read more and download release

Here is the new release by one of the oldest Oscilator artists Ensar Zgodic, also known as Greg Punkov, Riparaparap, Iumatico and Yurockolonia. This is the second part of the Retroslavlje edition, first one was published eight years ago, and this one also celebrates sound that we could enjoy as kids... Read more and download release

After a needed break Oscilator is back in 2011 with this fine various artists LP Novo Sarajevo Vol. 2. This compilation features old peers like Mezonom, Poligraf, Brothers For Real, Funky White Hustler (Enggenier), Borgie, Low & Slow, Yurockolinia, Jamal Bin Audio and new project Miskupa...Read more and download release

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Some of the Oscilator artists have reached more than 30.000 of downloads at archive.org! Check it out. Downloads from our site are not counted in. V.A. - Elite Trikotage 2 reached more than 10.000 downloads. Find it here. Check out our other releases at archive.org.
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